Tisbury Angling club AGM Minutes For 24/25

Tisbury AGM Minutes For 24/25

Held On 26th April 2023

Location Wyndham Arms @20.00hrs

Member present:

Dean Green (DG) Chairman

Dave Burford (DB) Match Secretary

David St John (DS) Treasurer

Jennifer Everette (JE) Subscription Secretary (Interim)

Sean Coleman (DB) Match Secretary

Barrie Setchfield (BS)Health and Safety Event

Glen Ashton (GA)

Steve Long (SL)


Apologies:                              P Douglas-Pennant President


  1. Welcome (DG)0 welcomed all member to Tisbury Angling Club AGM and announced the meeting was now ins session. This included a reminder to all members of the club’s vison.
  2. Opening Business (DG) Reviewed the objectives and metrics that were presented at the 23/24 AGM and reminded the members what metric would be used to measure success.


Objective 1: Continued membership growth with a minimum 25% increase


Objective 2: Maintain financial stability by Identifying opportunities to negotiate rent/acquire different Waters to support vision and maintain current waters.


Objective 3: Improve club waters by


  • Supporting and installing a disabled peg at Wardour (Not achieved) due to contractor not completing work.


  • External contracting for thinning/removal of lilies at Dinton/Wardour (Not achieved due to cost £27000).


  • Add Seltex into Dinton to create depth and silt removal. (Not achieved due to cost) (GA) gave a summary explanation of the advantages of adding Seltex v Cost


  • Work parties Wardour and Dinton to maintain current infrastructure.


DG Continued the opening to review the 23/24 year and what was achieved in addition to the objectives set out at the 23/24 AGM. At this point DG

  • £5000 Investment in a club boat and cutter
  • Approval for new tools, including chainsaw, strimmer, hedge cutter
  • 19 Successful Senior Matches
  • 5 Successful Junior Matches
  • 3 Additional Memorial Matches
  • 4 Successful summer Junior Coaching Sessions
  • 5 Additional Lakes (Revels)
  • Landowners approached and not secured 2 Lakes in Dinton, 1 Whitemoor
  • 3 Year Operating budget


  1. Minutes of last meeting: Committee members have reviewed minutes of previous meeting and approved by the committee.


  1. Matters arising Nil
  2. Current Account Balance Annual report

(DS) gave an update of the club accounts for the period of Dec 22-Dec 23

(DG) summarised that the club is financially strong operating at 3 years ahead with current commitments. In addition, DG discussed a worst, current best-case scenario for financial income, modelled on current membership rates:

  1. Membership

(DG) conducted a growth analysis on memberships gave an update on membership as at

March 24. The stats presented does not included those members who have joined during April 2024.

  • Overall club growth total growth 23-24 is 47%
  • Biggest growth junior membership 23-24 400%
  • Assumption reduction of junior members for 24/25
  1. Match Schedule for 2023/2024

(DG) (SC) gave an update on the match fixture list.



Date Venue 24/25 Match type Cups
2nd June 24 Wardour Charity match Charity shield
16th June Wardour Summer league Eric Lush cup
23rd June Dinton Junior league
30th June Todber Homeground Summer league
14th July Revels main lake Summer league
21st July Dinton Junior league
28th July Witherington farm outer snake Summer league
11th August Dandys Ford Summer league
18th August Dinton Junior league
1st September Bulford Summer league
8th September Fonthill Summer league Lady Margadale cup
15th September Dinton Junior league
22nd September Whitemoor canal Summer league
29th September Dinton Junior/Adult pairs
6th October Pewsey, Crabapple Summer league
20th October Wardour Summer league Bernie Broom Shield
3rd November Tisbury Nadder Winter league Eddie Stevens cup
17th November Lodden Lakes Winter league
1st December Blandford stour Winter league
15th December Tisbury Nadder Winter league John Bell cup
12th January 25 Devizes canal TBC Winter league
26th January Ash, Todber TBC Winter league
9th February Pewsey, Milkhouse Winter league Geoff Lambert cup
23th February Limpley Stoke, Bristol Avon Winter league
9th March Wardour Winter league Fred Wall shield


  1. New Committee for 2024/2025

(DG) Thanked Jennifer Everette for supporting the committee and acting as the interim subscription/Junior secretary. In addition, DG explained that he had reviewed the purpose of the committee, and that each committee member was recently informed of their roles and responsibilities in supporting the club:


Tisbury Angling Club (TAC) committee plays a crucial role in managing and enhancing the operations of fishing club or association. Let’s dive into their key responsibilities:


  • Generate Income: The committee actively seeks ways to bring additional income into the club. This could involve organising events, fundraisers, or membership drives to support the club financially.
  • Community Outreach: By enhancing the club’s image and reaching out to the community, the committee helps attract new members and retain existing ones. Their efforts contribute to the club’s visibility and engagement within the local area.
  • Membership Growth: The committee aims to attract new members and ensure that existing members stay engaged. They work toward creating a welcoming environment that encourages people to join and participate in fishing activities1.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: Ensuring the long-term future of the club is a critical responsibility. The committee plans strategically, manages resources, and makes decisions that contribute to the club’s stability and growth.
  • Promote Fishing: Ultimately, the committee’s mission is to get more people fishing, more often. This includes not only club members but also fellow volunteers who share a passion for angling.

In summary, the fishing committee collaborates as a team, leveraging the skills and talents of each member, to achieve common goals and contribute to the success of the club. So, whether it’s organising matches, maintaining club facilities, or fostering a sense of community, the fishing committee plays a vital role in keeping the fishing spirit alive!

Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members


  • To oversee and direct the meetings of the Club, this may exclude any Subgroups such as Bailiff, Fisheries and Maintenance.
  • To oversee the running and management of the Clubs business.
  • To hold copies of minutes of the Club for reference.
  • To sign minutes of previous meeting, making such amendments as instructed by the Committee, these minutes will be the sole authenticated record of the of the running of the Club.

Honourable Club Secretary

  • To be the sole recipient of correspondence unless as directed by the constitution of the club or by the Committee and report all correspondence received to the next committee meeting.
  • To issue correspondence as instructed by the Committee.
  • To ensure the Constitution of the Club reflects the current business practices adopted by the Club.
  • To raise at the next A.G.M. all amendments to the Constitution.
  • Arranging Rule book changes/printing rule book inserts

Honourable Club Treasurer

  • To make and record all payments to suppliers within the agreed terms.
  • To record all income and to reconcile it with receipts issued through the Clubs outlets.
  • To co-ordinate annual estimates of Income & Expenditure.
  • To present to the Committee the proposals for Annual Subscriptions and other fees.
  • To present to the A.G.M. the Audited accounts of the club for the past year.
  • To produce monthly statements on Income & Expenditure to the Committee and answer any question raised there.
  • To act as a link with the Clubs bankers.


Honourable Club Subscription Secretary

  • To issue memberships when required assuming the applicant complies with the Clubs rules.
  • To ensure income via Tackle shops is received in a timely manner and ensuring that such monies reconcile with the membership tickets issued.
  • To bank all income received on behalf of the Club.
  • To resolve any issues relating to such items as “bounced Cheques”.
  • To report Bi-monthly on the membership position.

Honourable Match Secretary

  • To organise Club matches as agreed by the Committee.
  • To report to the Committee any worthwhile results of Club/ teams.
  • To present to the Committee annual accounts of the match group.
  • To record match information and where required organise the engraving of the Match sections trophies.
  • To report to the Committee on N.F.A. activities.

TAC Head Bailiff

  • To conduct Bailiffing on waters which the Club has access to unless expressly told not to do so by either the landowner or in the case of a shared water, by the controlling Club.
  • To report to the Committee any breaking of Club rules.
  • To bring before the Committee any members who the Committee require to see which is likely to result in disciplinary action because of breaking club rules.

Infrastructure Secretary (Project Group)

  • To produce a plan relating to works required upon Clubs waters, both rented and owned.
  • To report the Committee any maintenance issue which need action and inform the Committee of all works carried out.
  • To organise work upon such waters as approved by Committee.
  • To produce an Annual plan with full costings to the Committee for discussion so as to be included in the next budget plan.
  • To report to the A.G.M. the plan of work for the forthcoming year.
  • To ensure all tools & equipment are kept in a secure place.
  • To be responsible for maintaining the Clubs inventory (asset register) of Tools & equipment used in connection with Maintenance.

IT Member

  • To maintain Web design/presence and maintenance. Post web notifications on the website for matches, lake closures, extraordinary announcements, social commentary (bereavement, warnings, etc), etc
  • Software maintenance
  • Assist with direct customer requests to help with bookings/online membership.
  • Continually review the ease of use and accessibility for members.
  • Support the membership secretary and treasurer as require.


New committee voted in at the AGM by members present:

  • Chairman – Dean Green
  • Club Secretary – Dave Burford
  • Subscription Secretary – Kieran Castle
  • Club Treasurer – David StJohn
  • Match Secretary – Sean Coleman
  • Head Bailiff and Health & Safety Rep – Barrie Setchfield
  • Environmental – Glenn Ashton
  • Infrastructure – Steve Long


  1. Survey Results

DG discussed the survey results that was conducted in Dec 22, he thanked all members who participated in the survey, and explained that this as an opportunity for all members to feed into the committee their thoughts and opinions on what the club was doing well and what the club needed to improve.

After analysing the data, we are pleased to announce that:

  • 87% Satisfised with overall experience of being a member of TAC
  • 82% Are happy with the current portfolio of lakes, remaining 18% scored average.
  • 99% rate the club’s communication as good
  • 88% Will renew their current membership, 12% Maybe.
  • What we are doing well:
    • Value for Money
    • Varied Venues
    • Well organised matches
    • Investment in juniors
    • Friendly members
  • Area for improvement:
    • Parking at Dinton
    • Pegs across both Wardour and Dinton
    • Paths at Dinton
    • Peg location on River Nadder
    • Litter
    • More information about venues
    • More exchange book with River clubs
  1. Presentations

DG on behalf of all members would like to congratulate the following members on

winning the following cups/Shields.

  • Junior Runner Up Oliver Orme
  • Junior Winner Jude Long
  • TAC Bream Record Holder Evi Everette
  • TAC Chub Record Holder Steve Mc Grath
  • Fred Wall Shield – Richard Charmers
  • Geoff Lambert – Sean Coleman (1st Match Pewsey Canal)
  • Lady Margadale – Bob Shutler (Fonthill Lake)
  • David Young – Sean Coleman (Highest Weight of 22/23)
  • Eric Lush – Ian Heydon (Last League Match)
  • Eddie Stevens – Brian Trimmr (1st River Nadder Match)
  • Bernie Broom – Rob Trimm
  • John Bell – Sean Franks
  • Charity Match – Ian Heydon
  • Summer Runner up – Dave Burford
  • Summer Champion – Jon Mitchell
  • Winter Runner Up – Ian Heydon
  • Winter Champion – Rob Trimm
  • Overall, Runner up – Dean Green
  • Overall, Champion – Rob Trimm
  1. Membership Price Review

(DG) Explained that the committee had reviewed all funding, and current money at bank. (DG) proposed 2 options for members to vote on

Option 1 Maintain current subscriptions.

  • Full membership £50.00
  • Senior membership £30.00
  • Junior membership £10.00
  • Spouse Member (Wife, Partner of full/senior member or disabled £15.00
  • Guest Tickets Junior £5.00, Adults £10.00

Option 2 Increase

  • Full membership £55.00
  • Senior membership £35.00
  • Junior membership £10.00
  • Spouse Member (Wife, Partner of full/senior member or disabled) £15.00
  • Guest Tickets Junior £5.00, Adults £10.00

Options 2 for price increase agreed by vote.


  1. 24/25 Objectives
  • Objective 1 Continued membership Growth by 10%

o Dedicated social media campaign.

o Communication

o Word of mouth

  • Objective 2 Portfolio Growth

o Identify opportunities to rent/acquire different Waters to support vision.

o Communication

o Word of mouth

  • Objective 3 Infrastructure Improvements

o Liasson with landlords to improve current infrastructure. Allocation £5000

o Proposed Work Parties Wardour investment £2500

  • Complete disabled peg
  • Review and cost path.
  • Renew/Repair current pegs.
  • Rebuild bank between 6-7

o Proposed Work Parties Dinton investment £2500

  • Remediation of wet path
  • Reinforce cause way.
  • Renew/Repair current pegs.
  • Renew Grate
  • Remove current dam.
  • Additional Platforms (Roadside) pending approval National Trust trust
  1. AOB
  • Banning night fishing at Dinton lake, concern over relationship with landlord due to litter

Member present voted against proposal.


(DG) Reminded all members that they need to book in when night fishing at Dinton, any individual leaving litter at any venue will be banned immediately.


  • Banning Keepnet at all venues

Members present voted against proposal.


  • What action do we take if a keepnet ban was in place and a specimen fish was caught.

(DG) Reminded all that members of the committee all live with in 5 minutes of all venues and hat a call should ne made if the fish is considered to break a current record.


  • Review of current book size is to big.

(DG) Stated that current books were small and in line with Salisbury club


With no other business AGM closed at 21.20