Match Fixtures 23/24

Tisbury Angling Club – Match Fixtures

Tisbury Angling Club matches are well attended and offer something for everyone from catching carp at Wardour Castle or Todber Manor, to Skimmers and Roach on the Kennett and Avon canal to trotting a float down the River Stour for Chub.

Matches take place every 2 weeks from the 2nd June 2024 with a short break over Christmas.

All members are welcome to attend and participate in the summer or winter league. At the AGM members will be presented with trophies or shields, overall winner and runner up for the season, Summer and Winter League Winner and Runner up. Fred Wall shield, Eric Lush cup and more.

We also run an open annual charity match in support of Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Summer Matches Timings

Draw 0900 Fish 10.00 to 1600

Winter Match Timings

Draw 0830 Fish 0930 to 1500

Pegging fee applies for away venues

To book in for a match please book in on here or contact the Match Secretary Sean Coleman on 07767478567


Date Venue 24/25 Match type
2nd June 24 Wardour Charity match
16th June Wardour Summer league
23rd June Dinton Junior league
30th June Todber Homeground Summer league
14th July Revels main lake Summer league
21st July Dinton Junior league
28th July Witherington farm outer snake Summer league
11th August Dandys Ford Summer league
18th August Dinton Junior league
1st September Bulford Summer league
8th September Fonthill Summer league
15th September Dinton Junior league
22nd September Whitemoor canal Summer league
29th September Dinton Junior/Adult pairs
6th October Pewsey, Crabapple Summer league
20th October Wardour Summer league
3rd November Tisbury Nadder Winter league
17th November Lodden Lakes Winter league
1st December Blandford stour Winter league
15th December Tisbury Nadder Winter league
12th January 25 Devizes canal TBC Winter league
26th January Ash, Todber TBC Winter league
9th February Pewsey, Milkhouse Winter league
23th February Limpley Stoke, Bristol Avon Winter league
9th March Wardour Winter league

In addition to the general rules of the Club, the following shall apply in matches.
  1. The entrance fee must be paid to a member of the committee before commencing to fish.
  2. No bait or ground bait is to be used prior to starting whistleblowing. But depth plumbing is allowed.
  3. One rod is only to be used at any one time, although more than one rod may be set up.
  4. The use of a cup in a kit is not allowed if a competitor has a line already in the water.
  5. No wading is allowed in matches except to place keeps nets one for silverfish and one for Carp. Under no circumstances shall Carp and Silverfish be kept in the same keep net. No more than sixty pounds in any one net seventy pounds and ten pounds will be deducted over seventy pounds you will be disqualified.
  6. For protection, Crucian Carp will be classed as a silverfish.
  7. All fish hooked must be netted by the competitor himself or herself.
  8. All coarse fish must be weighed in. Trout must be returned unharmed immediately.
  9. No line shall be left unattended in the water or baited on the bank.
  10. Fish over six-pound or fish in distress must be weighed in during the match.
  11. No spinning is allowed, no live bait or dead fish to be used, during matches except for Pike matches.
  12. All competitors particularly Junior members are reminded not to wander away from their peg whilst the match is in progress, as this could result in disqualification.
  13. Line must immediately withdraw from the water when the whistle blows at the end of the match a fish hooked at the time of the whistleblowing, and subsequently landed within fifteen minutes may be weighed in.
  14. All swim cards must have name details completed before the arrival of the scales.
  15. The competitor drawn next to the (Scales) must assist that person with the weigh-in.
  16. The decision of the Stewards regarding the weight of any catch shall be final, At the weigh-in, competitors can demand to have fish reweighed, each competitor must witness the weigh-in of his or her own catch and no catch will be accepted after the time fixed by the committee for weigh-in.
  17. Weights shall be rounded to the nearest ounce.
  18. Any complaints about the behavior of another competitor must be made before the results are announced.
  19. All prizes are to be awarded after the weigh-in.
  20. In the event of severe flooding of the river, the venue may be changed to a lake at the Match Secretary’s discretion, and if the lake is frozen over the venue may be changed to the river.
  21. In peg down matches fish from the peg drawn by them only and must not change pegs unless authorized by a Steward. Competitors must remain within a radius of three feet on either side of their peg. In matches not pegged down, competitors must fish twenty-five yards apart on the rivers and ten yards apart on still waters, Any competitor found to have moved or left litter at His or Her peg will be disqualified whether the litter is theirs or not.
  22. In Rover matches where competitors go off by numbers as soon as they are drawn, members must walk to their choice of swim not overtaking a member who has drawn a lower number.
  23. Whilst fishing away matches the rules of the host club must be adhered to if different from our own.
  24. Members who are not match fishing are requested to stay away from the water’s edge during the match.
  25. Match rules may be changed at the discretion of the Hon Match Secretary.